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Mission To Ukraine (M2U) is an on-the-ground, immediate relief team assembled in March 2022. Our purpose is to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees, internally displaced persons, and civilians under siege.

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M2U procures and delivers critical supplies like medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and protective gear to the hottest regions in Ukraine by partnering with trusted, verified contacts.


We convert crowdfunded dollars and private grants into tangible, highly-requested aid and deliver these badly needed supplies on short timelines.

The M2U charitable fund has raised over $500,000 in total contributions from 1,800+ donors worldwide. Every donor has played a critical part in solving the daily challenges of Ukrainians and saving lives. 

To make a donation, check out ways to give

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Foundation Details

Contact Us 

Mission To Ukraine is a sponsored project of its US-based 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor: Global Operations Group Ukraine Aid, Inc. P.O. Box 234, West Friendship, MD 21794  

Kraków - Przemyśl - Lviv - Kyiv - Kharkiv


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