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Our names are Mark Kreynovich and Dillon Carroll.


We have been best friends since meeting as first-year roommates at Cornell University.


We flew to Eastern Europe to provide humanitarian aid during the catastrophic war in Ukraine. 

"I spent every summer of my childhood through college visiting my family in Kharkiv... When the war started, I was sitting comfortably in NYC as my parents' childhood friends and my friends in Ukraine were actively fighting and millions were being displaced. When the Russian invasion of my country began, I couldn't sit still." - Mark Kreynovich

"In May 2018, Mark and his mother, Slava, brought me to Ukraine where I met Mark's grandfather, Vladimir, and was introduced to the people and beauty of Ukraine. I was devastated by the Russian aggression... seeing the values I so strongly believed in being betrayed and desecrated on an international stage. I knew that we had to do something." - Dillon Carroll


So, what are we doing at the Ukrainian border?

We work with partners across Ukraine daily, which helps us keep a pulse on the most current needs and anticipated challenges. Being on the ground in Eastern Europe enables us to purchase materials quickly and immediately organize their delivery into Ukraine. 

With your support, we all help to help meet the tremendous needs of a peaceful nation under a brutal attack.


Rapid Sourcing & Purchase

Every donor has played a critical part in solving the daily challenges of Ukrainians under siege and helping protect lives. Thanks to the generous support of more than 1,800 donors worldwide, M2U has purchased over $250,000 of critical equipment and necessities, including:


  • Pharmaceuticals/medicines (e.g., insulin, chronic care medications)

  • Medical devices (handheld ultrasounds for shrapnel removal)

  • Suture instruments

  • Power banks, food, and more


Nationwide, Hot Zone Logistics

M2U has coordinated the preparation and delivery of humanitarian aid and critical supplies throughout Ukraine, including the country's hardest-hit regions like Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Kherson, Mariupol, Mykolaiv, and others.  


With the loyal help of our partners, M2U handles end-to-end logistics from Ukraine's borders with Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary, to points throughout the country. 

M2U has also organized a multi-person volunteer driving team that evacuates civilians and delivers humanitarian aid in Ukraine's southern occupied territories.

Refugees in the EU

Restoring Normalcy to Refugees

We try to do more than just provide direct, immediate aid. We focus on providing means of stability like temporary housing, language services, employment help, and more. 

Since March 2022, the M2U team has:

  • Helped with Ukrainian / Russian / English translation for incoming refugees at train stations, consulates, and way stations

  • Transported refugees from borders to processing destinations, volunteer hosts, etc.

  • Secured temporary housing for refugee families through eastern Europe and supported weekly groceries

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